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Black Mamba 18% CannaShock 1g
-38 %
Brand: CannaShock
Black MambaProduct Details:CBD rate: 18%THC rate: <0.2%Cannabis Variety: SativaType of Cultivation: Indoor CultivationQuantity: 1 gram100% Organic Product.EU-certified...
7.50€ 12.00€
Ex Tax:7.50€
Critical Mass CBD 2g
-37 %
Critical Mass is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that feels slightly sticky to the touch due to the high resin content. Its intensely fruity aroma and flavour, with clear tones of pine, lemon and exotic wood resin, will delight the most demanding palates.CBD <10% THC <0.2%..
12.50€ 19.90€
Ex Tax:12.50€
Hemp oil BIO extra virgin 250 ml
-18 %
Hemp seeds oil 250ml..
10.60€ 13.00€
Ex Tax:10.60€
New Orange 16% CannaShock 1g
Hot -38 %
Brand: CannaShock
New Orange Product Details:CBD rate: 16%THC rate: <0.2%Cannabis Variety: SativaType of Cultivation: Indoor CultivationQuantity: 1 gram100% Organic Product.EU-certified...
7.50€ 12.00€
Ex Tax:7.50€
 ELOX ECO 590 Machete Red
-13 %
Brand: KAYA
Details of the ELOX ECO 590 Machete from Kaya-Shisha: 1 Smoke column set, multi-piece, two-coloured with cut head adapter 1 Base with quick release fastener and closed chamber 1 Hose connection 1 Ash plate Ø appr. 22 cm 1 Glass bowl, clear with matching base 1 Colour-matching silicone hose (s..
130.00€ 150.00€
Ex Tax:130.00€
Cannabis Gummy Bears - 100g
Hot -20 %
These candy gummy bears have a sugar coated layer. These candy bears are delicious after smoking some cannabis. They contain essential cannabis oil. Don't worry, you won't get stoned because these gummy bears are completely free from THC.Cannabis Gummy Bears.Contains essential cannabis oil.Fre..
3.90€ 4.90€
Ex Tax:3.90€
Charcoal Heater
Hot -16 %
Brand: El- Badia
EL-BADIA's fast electric charcoal lighter allows you to quickly light your natural charcoal at 1000W. This device is designed to light any type of natural charcoal, including shisha charcoal made from coconut bark.A support screen is included so you can place your natural charcoal directly on it.The..
20.90€ 25.00€
Ex Tax:20.90€
-12 %
Brand: El- Badia
36cmThe CELESTE X3 shisha is one of the best sellers on the French market today, and competes against the best hookahs in the world.If the CELESTE hookah product range has become one of the most famous product line around the world, it's because it has delighted and convinced with its quality ..
53.00€ 60.00€
Ex Tax:53.00€
ELOX Eco 590 Aludots Red 2S 64cm
New -10 %
Details about the Elox Eco 590 Aludots Red 2s by Kaya-Shisha: 1 Smoke column set, Aludots red with 18.8 mm glass ground joint and adapter 1 Base with click closure – 1 Hose adapter – 1 Valve 1 Ash plate Ø approx. 20 cm 1 Hookah bowl, clear with red bottom 1 Color matching silicone hose, 140 ..
95.00€ 105.00€
Ex Tax:95.00€
ELOX Eco Pentagon Black 64cm
-16 %
Brand: KAYA
Details about the Elox Eco Pentagon Medium by Kaya-Shisha: 1 smoke stem set, ELOX Eco Slice Medium    - with 18.8F ground joint for molasses catchers 1 base    - 1 hose connection with adapter*    - closed chamber    - click lock    - 4-f..
105.00€ 125.00€
Ex Tax:105.00€
-32 %
Whole Cannabis Sativa L flowers food grade, organic farmingHand picked and packed..
5.00€ 7.40€
Ex Tax:5.00€
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