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Brand: Wookah
WOOKAH is a Polish brand of shisha pipes and accessories. Specialising in the manufacture of wooden products, WOOKAH uses different types of exotic woods for their mouthpieces and shisha pipes. Other accessories include hand-sewn leather-covered silicone hoses, hand-made crystal vases and hi..
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Brand: Wookah
A hand-sewn and handmade natural brown leather hose with a silicone tube inside.  Note: a hose connector is not included. HOSE MEASUREMENTS length: approx. 150 cminner diameter: approx. 11 mm (+/- 1mm)outer diameter: approx. 19,5 mm (+/- 1mm)..
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Brand: Wookah
Iroko is a wood of averagely moderate hardness – stable and durable. Its shade is usually yellow to golden or medium brown. It is used in furniture, cabinetry and other small specialty wood items.63 cm of height without a headbowl (with Vorclas bowl it is about 66 cm)weight: approx. 3 kgsol..
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Brand: Wookah
Oak is a light and natural looking kind of wood. It is a type of hardwood - strong and durable, so it is widely used in the furniture and flooring industry. The shade of Oak grains can differ greatly not only between trees, but also between branches of a single tree. WOOKAH Vase Smooth. It i..
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Brand: Wookah
The WOOKAH STANDARD mouthpiece is made from the best wood in the world, reinforced by an inner stainless steel ring. It's a real work of art that will delight experts seeking for excellence and rarity.- Length: 28cm..
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Brand: Wookah
The WOOKAH VORCLAS are ceramic bowls with a central vortex system and side holes. This is quite innovative because it allows a perfect airflow management...
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