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Brand: El- Badia
Funky style40cmBASE glass BOWL special with grid HOSE silicone & aluminum handle FIXING click system OTHER column cut 18/8 included..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Brand: KAYA
Smoke stem set made of INOX stainless steel and red varnished ash wood – closed chamber – 2 connections – 1 valve cap 18.8 – 1 hose adapter 18.8 Clear 630XS BORO glass container Downtube without diff., L: approx. 115 mm Hole diffuser, screw-on Soft-Touch silicone hose, black, L: 150 cm Alus..
Ex Tax:150.00€
Brand: El- Badia
Ocean Hookah Kaif GOLD BLACK Water Pipe Stainless Steel Shisha 58 cm in Set with Mouthpiece, Anti-killing Tongs and Silicone Hose, Closed Chamber with Outlet Valve Under Plate..
Ex Tax:320.00€
Brand: El- Badia
Voltage – a soft beige color with black textured lightning bolts. When creating the hookah base, Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower drawings were used, and due to Lichtenberg figures and vacuum exhaustion he had enhanced it became possible to get an off-beat look of wood...
Ex Tax:200.00€
Brand: El- Badia
Shisha SCORPIO MELODY40cmBowl ceramicBase GlassHose silicon & aluminum handleFixing click system..
Ex Tax:105.00€
 ELOX ECO 590 Machete Red
-13 %
Brand: KAYA
Details of the ELOX ECO 590 Machete from Kaya-Shisha: 1 Smoke column set, multi-piece, two-coloured with cut head adapter 1 Base with quick release fastener and closed chamber 1 Hose connection 1 Ash plate Ø appr. 22 cm 1 Glass bowl, clear with matching base 1 Colour-matching silicone hose (soft-tou..
130.00€ 150.00€
Ex Tax:130.00€
Alpha Hookah X Artist Collection – compact and collapsible hookah at affordable price, made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Its main difference from the classical model is that it is decorated with a calligraphic drawing by the Russian artist Pavel Almazov. Distinctive features of t..
Ex Tax:260.00€
Brand: El- Badia
The El Badia X3 Celeste Special Edition hookah is an unusual shisha, but with a unique elegance. The celestial range has managed in recent years to become one of the leading hookahs, with a series of models like this one whose performance is spectacular. The base is acrylic, which helps us make ..
Ex Tax:60.00€
New -12 %
Brand: El- Badia
36cmThe CELESTE X3 shisha is one of the best sellers on the French market today, and competes against the best hookahs in the world.If the CELESTE hookah product range has become one of the most famous product line around the world, it's because it has delighted and convinced with its quality ..
53.00€ 60.00€
Ex Tax:53.00€
Brand: KAYA
The details of the Kaya-Shisha ELOX ECO Carbonia: Total height: 58 cm Height without accessories: ca. 44 cm The hookah consists of: 1 Ash plate made of aluminium (approx. 21 cm) 1 ELOX Smoke Column, (approx. 27.5 cm) 1 Immersion Tube stainless steel with removable diffusor, total length (witho..
Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand: El- Badia
Perfect for travels and very easy trasportation.17cm tall,Tthe ODUMAN MICRO is a small yet perfectly functional hookah. It is sold in its own transport bag, with a silicone hose and spring, metal mouthpiece and diffuser. The ODUMAN MICRO is a compact, easily transportable hookah that you can c..
Ex Tax:55.00€
The MVP 360 shisha pipe is a 36cm stainless steel shisha pipe that is very full featured since it comes with a silicone hose with a metal mouthpiece and a spring, a terracotta bowl and an adjustable built-in diffuser. The MVP 360 shisha pipe has a wide immersion stem for a good flow, as well..
Ex Tax:110.00€
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